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Legionella & Legionnaires Disease Control Information

Recent news reports are a clear reminder to all involved with water systems that good water hygiene and water system maintenance is essential to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease. What is evident is that a failure to have effective management control and procedures in place may result in precautionary measures being missed, with the result that systems can continue to be run in an uncontrolled and potentially life-threatening condition.

The legislation regarding this has been in place for some time with the HSC’s publication of L8. Available from HMSO.

This document is now considered to be the minimum standard for water hygiene in connection with Legionnaires disease and most significantly applies to almost all places of work, not just those with Air Conditioning or Cooling Systems.

Some steps to bring water systems up to standard are:

Water Risk Assessment
Records and Auditing

There are a wide range of specific detailed requirements depending upon system type, which will assist the maintenance of water hygiene control.

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