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Disinfection Kits

Most water systems require disinfection for control of water hygiene, it may well be at the beginning of life when BS8558may apply or at some stage during a water systems normal use or modification.

We have developed a specialist disinfection kit for plumbers to allow them to undertake a household or small office disinfection in line with the requirements of L8 ACOP/HSG 274 & BS8558.

The self-contained kit was originally designed for the BPEC plumbers disinfection courses and are regularly used by the BPEC Training Centres across the country.

The kit contains all that is required from Protective Gloves, Chlorine & Neutraliser, Test Kits, Cleaning Pad, Tap Warning Stickers, Material Data Sheets and Record Sheets all contained in a convenient plastic box.

We also supply a range of other test kits for use with this work and spares and top up chemicals are available.

Whilst the kits have clear instructions we do recommend training is obtained in the process of disinfection and use of test kits to ensure the job is undertake correctly and safely.

Contact us for details of the Disinfection Pack and regarding your disinfection training needs.