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Emergency Services

Rainbow Water Services has over 20 years of experience responding to clients that have urgent or emergency situations.

This may include dealing with hygiene matters such as positive Legionella results that require emergency disinfection, prompt remedial works, tank cleans or installation of secondary disinfection treatment programmes or fitting of specialist point-of-use Legionella shower-heads filers that are guaranteed to filter the bacteria and provide safe water to service.

Plant breakdown or mechanical failure can stop expensive production and we normally stock a wide range of equipment that we can deploy at short notice to get things going again.

We have provided temporary emergency dosing equipment, water softeners, tanks and even provided 50,000 L of potable water to a client within 6 hours of their water supply not being available.

Contact us now with your emergency requirements and we will assess the best way to help, better still contact us before an emergency arises and we will provide backup and support procedures to help avoid emergency situations arising.