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Pre-used Equipment

The quality of our original supplied equipment is such that frequently it can be reused when it has finished its original purpose.

We are happy to refurbish, service and sell pre-used equipment and to back up our commitment to customer quality will normally provide pre-used equipment with a 12 month warranty.

Customers who rent from us frequently go on to buy the equipment if there application is ongoing.

We currently have the following available :

Softeners Flow 3 M3/hr – 25 M3/hr
Dosing Pumps Various control options proportional, time, digital, 0(4) – 20 mA 110/240V
Cooling System Controllers L8 fully automatic – inhibitor, redox biocide & timer biocides, TDS bleed
Hardness Monitors Testomat continuous monitor with alarm function
pH controllers
Redox Controller
Conductivity controllers
UV systems 0.5 – 50 M3/Hrs
Filters media, cartridge & hydrocyclone
Water meters ½” ¾” 1” & 2” straight reading & contacting head
Incubators 2 cell & 20 cell
Cooling towers various

Contact us with your specific needs to see if we have suitable pre-used equipment in stock or if it is likely to be available in the near future.