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Rental Equipment

Most of the equipment can be rented either on short term basis where there is a time limited treatment requirement or can be purchased as part of a fixed term contract.

Short term rental is normally a minimum of 3 months and may include technical support during the period of use if this is necessary or desirable. Longer term contracts can be over 12, 24 months or longer periods.

Our current rental range includes

Softeners – Simplex, Duplex, max flow rate 16,000 l/hr
Dosing Pumps, Safety Bunds and associated equipment – various
Cooling System Controllers – L8 fully automatic board mounted
Hardness Monitors – Testomat – 0.1 – 20ppm, variable automatic monitor
pH controllers – 0-14 with switching output
Conductivity controllers – 0-14 with switching output
UV systems – 0.5 – 50 M3/Hrs
Filters – media, cartridge & hydrocyclone
Water meters – 1/2″ – 2″ contacting head impulse

In the event we don’t list something you need, please contact us to see if it has been recently added.